Saturday, October 24, 2009


This news item cracks me up.

But it bothers me that 'The Hindu' publishes these stories. Is this newsworthy to be published ? For me, the answer is a big 'NO'.

'The Hindu' was once read by aspiring IAS and IPS candidates just for the English language. These days, I feel it's like reading 'Dhinathandhi'...not that I have anything against the Tamil newspaper.

I've pointed out the quality issues in my blog every now and then.

Here is one and here is one more.

I think it's the changing times. Hope the editors realize it and bring back the quality news reporting that this newspaper was once famous for.

CHENNAI: The Fire and Rescue Services personnel rescued a man who was trapped in his bathroom in Nungambakkam on Thursday night.

According to police sources, Suraj (34) of Pycrofts Road went to the bathroom and found himself locked. After repeated attempts to open the door failed, he raised an alarm. Neighbours alerted the police who informed the Fire and Rescue Services control room.

A team reached the spot and rescued Suraj.


Adaengappa !! said...

But can't beat the balloon boy :-)

guyfromblore said...

I always respected the Hindu, but it looks like they are also going the way of Times of India!