Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Paper Banana Leaf

I didn't expect this !

I was watching 'Kairali TV' tonight. Special shows for ONAM were very interesting and so were the commercials.

Especially one , caught my attention . It was the commercial for 'SAS Paper Banana Leaf'.

What? Artificial banana leaf? Oh my God !! Eating in a Banana leaf is a delicacy in South India and it is one of the things people like me miss in the West.

Memories of festivals and functions flash across my mind along with fantastic food served in banana leaves !

Now, even Banana leaf has become artificial !!

They are marketing it as reusable ( like the plates ) and ecofriendly. What's wrong with natural banana leaves ? Aren't they ecofriendly?

Not sure why I don't see this commercial in the Tamil channels!

Do you know if it is available in Chennai?

'HAPPY ONAM' to all of you !


Anonymous said...

yes, it is available in chennai! I keep hearing this stupid ad in FM station.

Jeevan said...

yes! we used it ones on traveling. It shaped like the banana leaves and they have given a smooth coating inside to not soak. but we always use the real leaves on festival and events.

Ravi said...

I saw this first in Andhra mess-es. But I guess soon they went back to plates. I do not know how they are eco-friendly because first, they use paper and two, it has a thin plastic coating (to make it water proof).

Anonymous said...

Chgeck this out to knw more about

SAS Paper Leaf :

Anonymous said...

Yes Its available in Chennai also

Contact :