Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Good Job !!

This is a wonderful bill and hope it gets passed and implemented soon. Not sure why it had to wait so long.

I know that there could be problems in implementation, but it somehow, needs to be done.

Good quality testing is very critical this day and age when diseases are on the rise and accuracy is very important to diagnose and render proper care.

Hats off to those who proposed the bill (not available in India I think, unlike here in the US where the name is published), but I am happy…very happy that there are politicians who have the brains to think about all these ‘Real issues’ rather than FREE COLOR TV and other stupid schemes!

The Central Laboratories Establishment Bill, to be introduced in the next session of Parliament, once passed, will mandate all testing laboratories to register with the QCI. “Only a handful of labs are accredited. Most others are merely registered under the Shops and Establishments Act. Anyone can start a lab today, with no formal accreditation. This poses a risk to the public at large", he told the audience at a seminar on quality control in diagnostic labs.

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Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer said...

Definitely a great step toward Quality! Being a quality control person, I really can appreciate the efforts behind this bill. I am sure, it will get to India too pretty soon.