Thursday, September 10, 2009

China's H1N1 Vaccine

It's a known fact that America is afraid of China. In spite of its human rights violation etc., China still enjoys the MFN status!

And this is not without a reason !! From underwear to the space station, China has something in it!

I was reading today about the homegrown H1N1 vaccine from China ! China has spent money on research and come up with a vaccine for H1N1.

Looks like unlike the vaccine developed in the West, it will work with just one dose !

If it works...just think about it !! China need not spend all the money importing the vaccine from the big western companies ! And, it will end up making tons of money by exporting it !!

Who will benefit from all this ? The citizens of China and the World !!

Hats off to you China !!

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sa.dhana said...


he he he

usually china would ctrl+C, ctrl+V from aremicas, europe or russia

this one should be a modified verion of something