Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bhavana - Beautiful and Down to Earth

Pic courtesy: Indiaglitz

I was watching Surya TV this evening. It was a Onam special program, an interview with actress Bhavana.

I've seen her in a Tamil movie, forgot the name, it was a Madhavan movie. Thought she was pretty and homely.

I have also seen her in a few Malayalam and tamil movie songs. I watched 'Chinthamani Kola Case' and thought she did a good job.

Today I found out that she is also down to earth and quite open in her conversations. She spoke 99% in Malayalam, unlike some celebrities who mix a lot of English ! Her body language, expressions and her smile were very appealing.

I've seen very few actress talk like her, open and frank ! Khushboo might be the one closest!

Though I didn't understand 100% of what she said, I sat there watching the interview until it ended.

She mentioned her Thrissur connections in the interview but I didn't realize that she was born in Thrissur until I googled her !

Another beauty from the land of Nayanthara and Asin!

There is something about Kerala's water and air !!


(Mis)Chief Editor said...

Sensing some 'Jollu' from the post....

This is natural and the only thing we can do at this age:-))

anyway, her picture is nice, he he!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

LOL :) - Jollu? Natural, Only thing !! - Are you a Psychiatrist?

Sumi said...

Hahaha! more than the post I enjoyed the comments! hahaha, why one should be a pychiatrist or what to sense ''jollufying?''

anyway, yes, its nice, when people, and that too actresses'talk in the regional language. Of the Bollywood ones imported to Kollywood, I remember, very many years back, Simran made an honest attempt to talk in Tamizh, for one Pongal special program on sun tv.She did quite good.

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