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I was browsing the net this morning for something when I found this wonderful weblog.

Honestly, I didn't know the details of the Raga - Hamsadhwani until now:

Ramaswamy Dikshita (1735 AD -1817 AD), father of Muttuswamy Dikshita is credited with the creation of this pentatonic raaga. However, this may be partly true.

The Ragalakshana appendix to Chaturdandi Prakashike mentions Hamsadwani. Although the main text of Chaturdandi was composed by Venkatamakhi (~1650 AD), the Ragalakshana appendix was added by is grand-nephew Muddu Venkatamuchi couple of generations after Venkatamakhi. He describes Hamsadwhani as a pentatonic raga, born of Shankarabharana mEla omitting ma and da. (S R G P N S - S N P G R S). The current form of Hamsadwani is exactly the same.

This brings the time when Hamsadhwani first appeared around the beginning of 18th century. It is likely that Ramaswamy Dikshita was one of the early composers who popularized it, and hence the credit that goes in his name.

18th century composers Tyagaraja and Muttuswamy Dikshita, each comosed two compositions in this raga. It can be safely said that the composition Vatapi Ganapatim Bhajesham of Muttuswamy Dikshita is the most famous composition in this raga.

I fell in love with Rashid Khan's voice and rendition when I saw this:

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Balaji S Rajan said...

Thanks for this. Yes Khan's rendition is great. I like his voice too. He reminds me of our friend 'Shankar' in few angles. Am I right?