Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Vaiko - Shut up !

Supporting the Tamil cause or the Srilankan Tamils is something but supporting LTTE is something else.

I feel that Vaiko is crossing that line here, by supporting Prabhakaran, who is a criminal.

He masterminded the killing of India's Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi in 'Tamil soil', in 'Tamil Nadu'.

Him and his outfit LTTE murdered a lot of Sri Lankan politicians in cold blood.

Several Tamils who were against him or LTTE were erased.

How dare Vaiko supports Prabhakaran openly, in the name of all the Tamil Nadu people.

Mr.Vaiko, whatever little respect I had for you has gone down the drain !


Jeevan said...

Ones he joined with ADMK, who brought him under justice and put him in jail, he lost what i am admire for me.

Ravi said...

Aptly said. I don't understand how he can talk on behalf of all Tamils. I think he wants to create sensationalism by such emotional outbursts so that he gains attention. Prabakharan is a criminal and its right by the rule of law that criminals be punished.