Monday, April 06, 2009

IndiaGlitz - Ayan review

I was shocked to see IndiaGlitz comparing 'AYAN' to Dalapathi and Nayagan, two of the best movies ever made in Tamil.

I am laughing at how naive the reviewer should be, to make this stupid comparison....or maybe he is not naive...maybe SUN PICTURES or AVM paid some money to IndiaGlitz to write a review like that.

My crib is this : Let them compare AYAN to any other action problems...but not with Dalapathi or Nayagan, which are a world apart IMHO.

In my opinion AYAN is an average action movie with good camera work.

If Surya continues to act in movies like this...I am not sure where his career would go !

Here is a sample of the review from IndiaGlitz:
Reminding one of movies like ‘Dhalapathy’, ‘Nayagan’ and the much recent ‘Gemini’, ‘Ayan’ is a riveting and racy right from the word go. Produced by AVM and presented by Sun Pictures, the movie has magical moments enthralling audience.

Let me tell you something IndiaGlitz - Ayan is neither racy nor riveting nor does it enthral !

The next time, please don't review a movie while you are drunk.


Sumi said...

''The next time, please don't review a movie while you are drunk.'' hahaha, funny!!

You really know how to thrash people, dont you?? no offense meant, I did enjoy reading it:) well, i havent watched Ayan, but cudnt agree more on Dhalapathy and Nayagan, classics of T cinema.

Anonymous said...

I agree Nayagan is a classic and a big hit. Dhalapathy is a flop, cliched and when Arvindswamy says Barathiar words "achamillai achamillai"...oh boy, it was so unbelievably funny.

Srinivas said...


Who said Thalapathy s a flop???
1990 la enna panneengannu nyaabaam irukka???
if u r sayin tat thalapathy s flop..thn u should accept tat u r affected by some brain disease...think b4 commentin any article...and one more doubt...FLOP ku artham theriyuma???? i don want to waste my time to xplain to one, who dont hav guts to put his name too.....

Anonymous said...

if movies like ayan is a running away hit , i wonder where tamil is heading......... THIS MOVIE IS PURELY MADE FOR FOOLS

Anonymous said...

if movies like ayan is a run away hit (helped by reviews like in indiaglitz comparing it with nayagan ) , i wonder where tamil cinema is heading .............THIS MOVIE IS PURELY MADE FOR FOOLS

Anonymous said...

I did not know this movie until I was recently in Chennai and chose to go for this movie since the tickets were sold out for other movie. I like watching Surya's movies and this movie is made for a different sector as he also needs to be commercially successful. Well it does show the "kuruvi" travelers who go to south east and brings / establishes the trade for foriegn goods that you can find in North Chennai and elsewhere. It is a culture thing if you have to understand the shadow of this movie. Have you ever wondered what is North of Chennai High Court and you would if you been there. If you watch for the catchy tunes and bourne stunts go for it, kick back and relax. If you want to seriousy review some movie rent Gran Torino, btw did you watch it?