Monday, March 16, 2009

Bill Gates and Mosquitoes

Photo courtesy: The WWW

When I was growing up in Madras, the mosquito menace wasn't as much. I remember the first days of the launch of 'Tortoise Mosquito Coils' !

Today, whenever I go home, I see hundreds of Mosquito products ! coils, mats, bats..etc.!

Today's mosquitoes in India I feel, are immune to all these chemicals. They continue to grow, patronized by sewerage created by the growing careless population and supported by a corrupted government that cares about nothing !!

My dad has filariasis thanks to mosquitoes. I am lucky I haven't got any disease ( so far ) due to mosquitoes.

A few years back when I went home, I remember even street dogs in Madras were scared about Chikungunya!!

Anyways, I was happy to read this news item about a NEW LASER to destroy mosquitoes. I hope it reaches the markets soon !

I was surprised to see that Mr.Bill Gates funded this project.

Hello, Industrialists in India, what's your answer?


Jeevan said...

Hope it brings some effort to control the mosquitoes. We can only sweep and destroy those inside our home, there immense outside first they have to destroy.

Adaengappa !! said...

Bill Gates and Mosquitoes earlier this year :-)

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is a very active investor.

ttm said...

Interesting post for you

Anonymous said...

I dont understand what kind of son feels lucky that he has has not any but his Father has...Pathetic.