Saturday, March 07, 2009

Being Green

Photo courtesy: APPLE

These days, I try my best to be green. I have my own cloth bags in my car that I use for grocery shopping, I use a porcelain cup at work instead of paper cups for my coffee, I drive a hybrid car, I turn off lights when not in use ( even my computer), I've changed the light bulbs in my home to CFL, well...I even read magazines via ZINIO!

These are only some examples. I have bragging rights here don't I?

I think it's a good idea to try and be green, considering what's going on around us.

By the way, I am very impressed by APPLE's New line of GREEN MACBOOKS. Look at some of the green features ..amazing !!

Arsenic-free glass
Mercury-free LED-backlit display
BFR-free internal
PVC-free internal cables
Highly recyclable aluminum and glass
Up to 41 percent smaller packaging
EPEAT Gold rating

I wish APPLE brought down the prices of MACBOOKS ! Price is the only reason I am not buying an APPLE !

Hello Mr.Steve Jobs, are you listening?


Ravi said...

NV Sir, my heartfelt appreciations for your efforts on this front. Isn't it shocking to realise how plastic has penetrated into our lives in the last 2 decades. The pookaari wrapped it in leaves, sweet stall used the "thaiyal" leaves, grocery stores used old newspapers. Now its plastic, plastic and even more plastic. Now I refuse a plastic bag wherever possible and also encourage people to do so. You may want to read some posts of greenpeace. Many countries dump platics into the sea bed causing grave danger to acquatic life. Sorry for my long comment - couldn't resist though.

Viswa said...


For the reasons that you mention and its style, touch and feel, stability, Macbook would continue to command a premium.
I hope the other PC makers who are famous for giving "blues" would adapt a little green..


donthecat said...

Great news machan... loks like we are thinking alike...

I recentky took over as Director - Biz Dev of SECO, a Environment & Ecology Solutions company - . More in a personal mail.

But about your CFL lights- sadly, there is an impression that CFL are "GreeN" . Far from it. CFL contabisn Mercury and 2 parts per billion parts of it in water can be fatal to humans. CFL can maybe Save power and energy as compared to other lighting, but is not in the same category as LED, which is the Greenest form of lighting.

Incidentally, SECO is a step ahead and is currently the "Greenest" LED in the world.