Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - How would I?

Slumdog Millionaire gets 8 Oscars. India erupts in joy.

Very well deserved. I am happy too. Happy for each of the awards that SDM won !

For a movie that was written off by Warner Bros, which probably would have seen a DVD release, to reach this height is unbelievable indeed.

Let's all thank Fox Searchlight for releasing this movie !!


As India(ns) erupt in joy there are a few thoughts that I have in my heart.

How would I react if a child begs on the streets the next time I see one?

How would I react to child prostitution?

How would I react if a blind child stands on a street corner begging?

How would I react to the killing of innocents in the name of Religion?

How would I react when I see slums ( even the cities ) with no public toilets / dirty, unmaintained ones?

How would I react to Politicians who don't care about all this ?

How would I react to the 'so what' attitude of the people?

How would I react to Desis who live in a world of denial about the conditions in their homeland and curse people who talk or write or make a movie about it?

How would I? How would I?