Monday, December 08, 2008

Ghajini songs

(Pic courtesy: Bollywood Hungama)

Aamir Khan and Rahman combo
. I thought the songs of Ghajini would be good. But alas, I was very disappointed. I didn't feel like replaying any of the songs !

Am I the only one, I am not sure. It's been a while since A.R.Rahman came up with an album like this.

Pardon me Rahman fans.


Icy Cool said...

I have not heard these songs. But generally Rahman's songs ketka ketka thaan set aagum. I just saw the visuals of one of the songs. A duet with Aamir and Asin. But do not remember the song though.


Anonymous said...

Ya i felt the same too...but guess what...rediff gave 5 stars....
karthik sankaran

Art said...

I like 2 songs... Moreover.. its with Rahman.. u grow with them... usually dont like them on the first go