Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chennai 2009

IT BOOM ..blah..blah..blah....where does all the money go? Why can't it be spent on sanitation !


Icy Cool said...

Everytime I go to Chennai that is the one thing that bugs me. Why do people do not see the need to keep the streets and public bathrooms clean. It really makes me mad mad and mad angry and also makes me embarassed and ashamed and upset that the place I grew up in is like this. Vidivu varumaa varaadhaa ? This really makes me so upset. You really started my ranting by posting that picture. :)


Anonymous said...

NV - I think it has to be a two phase approach, obviously PWD has to step up and do its job, but also our education system has to be revamped to bring in a cultural change. It is obvious that we (me and you) did not do anything to address this problem, when we were there back in India and one of the reasons for our inaction is not knowing what to do and obviously the situation hasn't changed.
So the question would be what can we do to make it better apart from rising awareness through writing.

Prem A