Friday, December 26, 2008

Abhiyum Naanum - Must see

Every now and then a Tamil movie comes out that warms your heart and stays in you for a long time.

A while back it was 'Mozhi' and now it is 'Abhiyum Naanum'.

Both these movies are the brain children of 'Duet films' a wonderful movie making company that has to patted on the back.

I had the opportunity to watch 'Abhiyum Naanum' a few days back at IMC6 in the Bay area. I am glad I took my daughters along.

These days, movies rely on a lot of commercial elements for success but 'Abhiyum Naanum' directed by Radha Mohan has rewritten the rules of the game ( once again ). There is absolutely no blood, navel etc. in this gem of a movie.

Simple story, superb acting by Prakash Raj / Trisha / Aishwarya and especially 'Ravi Shastri', wonderful dialogues and beautiful photography are some of the hallmarks of this film.

I am not going to write about 'Ravi Shastri' in detail though he IMHO stole the show. He is a wonderful character nicely done by someone ( don't know his name). I couldn't control my tears on one occasion where he first calls Trisha as 'Mom'. Very touching.

Biggest letdown is Vidya Sagar. I didn't like any of the songs, though the one by Kailash Kher sounds a little different and is listenable.

I am very happy to see such films come out of Kollywood. Thanks Prakash Raj / Radha Mohan and team for a wonderful movie.

PS - My daughters gave 99.5 for Abhi and 100 for Mozhi !!


ARJUN MS said...

I like the acting of Prakash Raj, but I haven’t seen many of his. He is of exceptional talent. (I am not at all a film critic)
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Cogito said...

Radha Mohan & Prakash Raj seem to be dream team with the sole motive of rejuvenating Tamil cinema. Hopefully will catch this movie soon !

Raju said...

I felt it was a neat movie, but Prakash Raj's act in the second half was quite over-the-board. The context of 'siru siru' song was a big disappointment; but, in one way, I liked the ending, which I thought would be different after hearing the aforementioned song.

TC Ratnapuri said...


Anonymous said...

Ravi Shastri's name is Kumaravel. Apparently he did a cameo in azhagiya Theeye.

I loved this film - I wasn't bothered about the music. Prakashraj did not overact, I still remember his intonations in his dialogues. Powerful delivery. I was very impressed with Aishwarya as well.

100% from me. :D

i,me,my music said...

Oh. I am waiting to watch this movie soon..