Sunday, November 30, 2008

Major Sandeep - RIP

This is not the first time and will not be the last time either. It's a shame that the fighters of India are neglected by the politicians ! I've seen this happen during the Kargil war. I've seen this happen to the IPKF soldiers...not to forget the day to day losses on the borders and in other terror attacks.

Shame on the Kerala Govt. for not sending a single Minister to Major Sandeep's funeral.

The politicians are spineless blood suckers. They won't budge until their next to kin are affected. Time is not far away ...if the security situation is not revamped.

I pray to the god almighty for NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's soul to rest in peace. The same applies to every commando, police officer and public who lost their lives.


Sumi said...

You are right. When I got into his Orkut profile, I could not hold my tears back. Sandeep's father did the right thing. I will try my best to vist the family when I visit Bangalore next time. He didnt have to die this young and his parents didnt have to go thru this, if and only if our politicans have done their duty.Nobody can tell it was unexpected. With a series of bomblasts and terror attacks in the past couple of years, the Govt shud have expected this and shud have been prepared for the worse. Atleast these politicians shud be sensible enough not to make loose statements like such things happen in big cities. Its high time we all react. Wake up people, this is the right time to express our solidarity to all those who have lost their lives and express our anger and disappointment to the irresponsible, selfish politicians. Thanks to your blog, I could express my wrath and sadness in your blog space.

Sandeep said...

Communist Chief Minister of Kerala insults martyr sandeep unnikrishnan's father & family

Kerala CM insults Martyr's family.

A chooot anand puker...