Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FDA bans Ranbaxy drugs in US

I was shocked to read this news today:
FDA on Tuesday announced that it has banned imports of more than 30 generic drugs, including antiretrovirals, manufactured by Indian generic drugmaker Ranbaxy, citing manufacturing deficiencies at two of the company's plants...
The last few refills of my prescription medicines were made by Ranbaxy !  I even wanted to write about how 'India proud' I was and wanted to post a picture of the medicine bottle.

I remember a few months back when a cardiologist ( Desi ) told me he wouldn't trust medicines made in India, when I asked him if I can get my Cholesterol medicines from India.  I was a little upset when he mentioned about poor Quality Control by the Indian manufacturers.

Today, I realized that the doc. was right. 


Ganesh Venkittu said...

Ramesh -

the wall street journal today has an article about it if you get a chance....

I cannot cut and paste it here for fear of violating copyrights..the article focuses on issues of drug safety, quality control etc in India....

People who read it would get agitated over what controls were existent for Vioxx and other drugs, that were MADE IN USA..and what right US has..

its either a true thing (or) a total political BS that is happening...if its real, Ranbaxy must be ashamed..if its not real, Ranbaxy should take the US to the cleaners and hang them dry....

again, my job is to tell the article came out today...the blog world is becoming very "defensive" these days, and edgier that even in a comment, I have to somehow indicate "leave me alone, should this comment irritate you"..


Anonymous said...

I guess blogging is to express our personal views. I am sure we can do it be it Ranbaxy or India. Let's call a spade a spade. I know Indians are not good at it. We should accept and go forward. Thank you Mr. Narayanan for bringing this up. Like Ganesh mentioned, if this is true, Ranbaxy should be taken for a ride (I am sure in India nothing will happen to them).

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ganesh - Yeah, I also read it in WSJ.

While in India last year, Doctor's tole me to buy medicines from reputed stores only...thanks to fake medicines etc.!! It's a shame that these are happening. Imagine the plight of the common man..!!

I hope Ranbaxy takes immediate steps if indeed this happened. Looks like they've hired Guiliani as their attorney. Let's see what happens.

Though people trust the FDA, of late there have been a lot of bad remarks about them. Vioxx is one such case.


Anon - Thank you for your thoughts.
I agree about calling a spade a spade.