Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shyama Sastri's descendants - Poverty

Photo courtesy: The web

I was shocked when I read about Sri.Shyama Sastri's descendants in GANESH's BLOG today.

I had tears in my eyes when I read this THE HINDU.

Carnatic music fans living anywhere in the world have Sri.Shyama Sastri in their hearts for his brilliant compositions. It is sad to see his descendants in poverty.

I am not sure how to help though my heart aches for the families !

I wish some blogger in Chennai goes home, meets the family and organizes a fund raiser.

Please write to me if you can help.

specialdosa at gmail dot com


.ılılı °♪ r u°n° ılılılı. said...

This is a sad news indeed! Tried contacting one of my friends in chennai, but he is out of station. I'll try my best to spread the word. Thanks for publicizing this!

Brian Soans said...

I come from a normal middle class family, studied hard, worked now an entrepreneur. I am happy coz i am doing well and there is fair amount of hardwork behind it.

syama shastri, a legent. however i dont see a reason why thier ancestors should be helped as priority. if that is the case there are a million people in need of help.

Every man, capable man with no disabilities, should earn his own bread, and not by living on his ancestoral legandary act.

Help the diasabled, people with terminal illness, spastic children and not somebody just because he had an good ancestoral tree.

They all are capable and they need to start working hard. these are bittter truth in lives, accept it and keep working hard, there would be results!

Ganesh said...

Sir sad to read this.
I also read that Thyagaraja Bhagavathar family is also in dire straits.w

guyfromblore said...

It's definitely a sad story, but not something you wouldn't see elsewhere. Does the fact that they are descendants of Shyama Sastri make them any different from the millions of others that are struggling?

If they have skills/ talent that they are unable to market for whatever reason, that is something that can and should be helped.
Handouts are definitely not the answer.

NePo said...

Hi Narayanan,
I hope you remember me.. its not a name to forget :)

I second Brian's comments.. there are lot of people who have worked hard to earn their name.. avalo aen Shri.Shyama Sastri would have worked hard too.. to get the feet... I always thought its lot easier for the family/relatives to get into fields like cinema or politics.... but they can only survive.. if they are good and work hard for their place... forget about the exceptions ;)

Sumi said...

How sad! I am from Tanjore and let me try getting some details about the family. Ganesh, I keep visiting Thyagaraja Swami's descendeants house in Tanjore. Every year they conduct ''Tyagaraja Aradhana'' and perform poojas and bajans to the Idols, the ones which Tyagaraja Swami lost and retrieved from Cauvery. Its pathetic to see Shyama Sastri's descendants live in abjection.

Naresh said...

Either you help or shut your mouth. Nobody needs your lecture.

Naresh said...

Either you help or shut your mouth. Nobody needs your lecture.