Monday, May 12, 2008

IPL Cheerleaders - perverted camera crew

I agree 100% with what Mandira Bedi says. I've been watching IPL matches the last few days and I even saw a shot of the Cheerleaders dancing, where they were shown upside down !

What a shame !! These perverted camera crew must be sacked for portraying these beautiful women in such poor taste. They add fire to the controversies that are going around. These idiots must learn from the camera crew here in the NBA / NFL.

I wish IPL spoke a few words to these idiots aka. IPL camera crew.

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Milo Freeman said...

Mr. Venkitu,

Hi. My name is Milo Freeman. I was surfing the blogs and found you here. This might sound like a strange request, but I'm working on a novel for young adults and have to prepare some background on a Tamil-speaking character.

I want to portray this character as authentically and respectful as possible, so I was wondering if we could have a brief exchange, on some basics of Tamil language and culture. It wouldn't take much of your time; a couple of emails, at most.

Sir, I apologize if my request causes any offense. I simply understand that Indian culture is a diverse blend of languages and ethnic backgrounds. I want to be fair and accurate--I don't want to have a Tamil character who, for instance, has a Bengali name or uses Gujarati slang. I'd really appreciate a bit your time, and hope we can work together on this. Feel free to message me back if you're interested. And again, thank you for your time, sir.


M. Freeman