Thursday, May 15, 2008

God Men / Women - Frauds

Looking at terror and natural calamities happening all over the world, I wonder where God is and what he is doing these days?

Sometimes I even wonder if there is a superpower that we call 'God'. Well...let's not go there.

This is about the so called GOD MEN/GOD WOMEN in my homeland India. I always felt that they were nothing but 'Frauds'. It is a shame that there are tons of them in India. I don't know if other countries have such human beings who have the so called ' Super powers '.

If these GOD MEN/WOMEN have real super powers as several people claim why can't they help the world out. I can give them a big list of what they can do to India and to the world as well.

Let's go from back, they could have saved a few hundred lives in Jaipur if they had the powers as several claim. They could have saved thousands in Myanmar and China ! They'll have their hands full...if indeed they had the super powers !

IMHO - GOD MEN/WOMEN are all super frauds. I am glad my parents gave me education and I am happy to report that it has helped me in this matter.


Sumi said...

Very true about God men and women. Religion and love are the most mismangled words in human history. They are not just only in India and although education plays a role to attain maturity, society and parental influence do play a pivotal role. The reason I say this is its not that these people exist only in India and only uneducated Indians fall a prey to them. I was surprised to find such stupid religious beliefs in the US, amongst my friends and the way they try to influence others. The Texas ranch case where polygamy and child marriage and the worst thing being the kids having no clue who their fathers are, the whole crap being accepted by the society inside that huge compound is one such example in the US.I was astonished when I heard those mothers say they are very normal people and why is it the media making a issue out of it. I better stop here becos it can get really controversial if I write more about all these fradulent people, be it from India, the US, or be it from any religion. I hate controversies, you see!!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sumi - I agree about the polygamists . That case just got me! I wonder how they allow these things to happen. I wonder..if it was a top secret all these years..that nobody knew about it!

At the same time, I don't see people hanging photos of sadhus and saints and worship them in the US! The most I've see are pictures of Jesus Christ!

I go to a lot of desi homes and they have tons of pictures of Godmen/Women..! It's their belief..I agree !

Naren's said...

enna voi....neeer kappithanama paesuratha vidavae maaateeera......

paattithaathaa said...


Un mooLai enga..? Porakkumpodhe ?

Anonymous said...

the same immaturity- Sam

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sorry about it, Don't worry you'll grow up to become more mature.

Not many people accept they are immature...You are great.

Life will make you mature - If you are not married, try to, if you don't have kids try to have a few and then you'll automatically mature.

Google the Net to see how to mature as well. Good Luck.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sumi - Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah. I feel shameful to read about the Polygamists and all the incidents in Texas. Not sure how they quiet about it all these years.

I have to say that 'PattiThaatha's point is right !

P B said...

spirituality is a total different plane. people who go seeking a master some are far more well educate than you. Even though your anguish seems genune the question sounds immature to me. These questions are always there and people still go to their masters. Everybody has intelligence to discriminate and choose their path. Ones peanut sized education is not enough to understand a mahathma like ramakrishna paramahamsa or adi sankara or ramanuja.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

PB - Good thoughts...I appreciate it. Thank you.

My question always is - If there is God....why all these middlemen?
Why do we worship these humans?

P B said...

There is no god but you. This world , god, people everything comes only in your mind space. GUru helps to get rid of Mana mayai. Mana mayai could be gotten ridden with the help of understanding karma and vasana. When through right prcatices as you clear up your mind, god comes to you as guru and shows your path by initiating into certain practices (Japam, dhyanam etc). Finally he makes the student to understand that god guru and self are same. However I accept there are greedy fake gurus and fake shishyas (who dont seek god or mental purity). I object only when said all godmen are fraud.

P B said...

Also our police and press are not reliable. Just because somebody acquitted by a court does not mean he is innocent and conviction means criminal. Police and politicians play their games. Especially when politicians try to steal from religious head such cases surfaces. Just think about Sri Jeyandrar, what happened to that case? where are those so called victims in that case? Even for that matter, I think you know about premananda's case. He was convicted two life terms on rape charges. Do you know the same girls who were supposedly raped by him, live in his ashram and being protected till date. Recently I read article where those girls told how they were tortured to give such statement against the man who protected them. Again I don't mean Sri Jayandrar or premanada are innocent (because i don't know), all I say is it is difficult to go by press and police. Press sells what will sell. Police go by Politicians.

To be honest, I think many of your India based articles are childish only, but I read them because you express them out of patriotism and compassion. But to understand India and its people it takes more, not just press or internet is enough. Anyway keep posting.

Ramya harish said...

I am a neutral person.. i used to go for sai bhajans being interested in music.. so naturally people started seeing me as a sai devotee..but i never worshipped him by heart..when ppl ask me ...'oh sai devotee ya'.. i wonder whethr to nod my head or not.. My brother was in bala vikas/sai class (meant for children aged5-14 yrs) where they instill virtues n morals in children.. along with life history of sai baba .. n bhajans n lotta co-curricular activities.. so its nt anything harmful.. the extent to which people trust thm s upto their wish.. My huby will really appreciate ur post as he just feels wat u feel.. not a problem.. in fromt of me..thousand times he said sai baba s a costly fraud.. i cudnt say anyhthing.. i jus say lets change topic.. becoz we dnt know.. my concluding statement wud anyways be .. no human can be GOD... he/ she can jus do something good to the society by contributing to the government/bby themselves..

g.poduval said...

You write about this also Mr. Narayana Venkitu

Finally Truth is out – Father Thomas Kottoor is the main culprit behind controversial Abhaya Rape cum Murder Case. The CBI report submitted the investigation report infront of Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate after subjecting the four suspects under Narco Analysis Test

Narco Analysis Test is a test carried out by injecting a person with hypnotics. It was through this test that the CBI got valuable evidences relating to Abhaya murder case.

The interim report of the Delhi Crime Unit of CBI says the final report will be submitted on June 4. The sources from CBI say that the defendants and the officers, who spoiled significant clues, including police officers, may be arrested after submitting the final report.

Father Thomas Kottoor is at present the Chancellor of Kottayam Diocese. CBI report shed light into illicit dealings happening in Convents and the role of Fathers like Thomas Kottoor in exploiting sisters to satisfy their sexual needs. A Nun who underwent Narco analysis tests is also involved in the murder.

Media activism which we witnessed in past few days to tarnish Hinduism in Santhosh Madhavan case is evidently not at all seen among our Medias to pen down the fact that their ‘Revered Priest’ is involved in this rape cum Murder of a Pre Degree Student Sister Abhaya