Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear Mr.Kaif

Photo courtesy: Cricinfo

My Dear Mohammad Kaif,

How are you ? Long time no see !

Welcome back to the Indian team. You got lucky didn't you. And, I won't blame you, that's the trend these days ! Do you remember how Ishant Sharma got in? Do you know that Dinesh Karthik is praying for Dhoni to be injured. Hope you understand.

I know your domestic season has been good and that you are a good fielder too. I laugh at your batting stance..but that's alright as long as you score runs.

Now, do me a favor - I know you will try hard. ( This is a do or die chance for you ) Somehow manage a 100 or atleast a 50 ! If you do that ...the selectors will have a nightmare..wondering whom to drop when Mr.Sachin comes back !

Good Luck Mr. Kaif.

Best wishes,

Narayanan Venkitu


Ganesh T S said...

Very likely that Yuvaraj Singh will be in the playing XI, and Mohd Kaif will be relegated to the 12th man duties :|

Anonymous said...

kaif is not even gonna feature in the XI :( - so whts the big deal. if only Mr.Sachin had listened to the physio's remarks on his fitness/injury kaif would have been in the squad from test 1 and if yuvi had failed cud have got a chance here - sigh!!!