Saturday, March 15, 2008

BCCI - A Suggestion for ODI Team selection

Dravid wants to come back to the One Day Team
Ganguly is desperate and wonders how he can get in
Laxman wants to be there
Sachin is holding on

Zaheer Khan, RP Singh are getting ready after injuries
Yuvaraj isn't sure - To Date or To Bat
Dinesh Karthik, VRV Singh, Pankaj Singh - Tired carrying drinks
Sehwag - Losing hair over ODI Thoughts

S Badrinath, Murali Karthik and the likes:
Learning SAP to try and get into IT rather than wait forever for a chance

Ajit Agarkar - The Warrior
Still trying hard, using the 'Kar' value !

My suggestion to BCCI:
Just like Under-19, have a few more teams

20 - 28 ( Team Acne )

29 - 35 ( Team Amrutanjan / Idupvali )

and then finally a

Senior Citizens team of India ( Team Viagra )

Hold a Lottery to choose which group goes for a series.

That way you can satisfy all !


Anonymous said...

Hey Sachin Basher,

Don't give ideas to folks to get into overly crowded IT field.

Anonymous said...

otha, youv nee thirundavae matta. - sam