Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yuvi's form and Ishant's curses

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi is going thru a very bad patch. I read in 'THE HINDU' today that his mother feels that
Yuvi will silence his critics soon.

I am no psychic, but I've seen Indian cricketers do this all the time. They'll fail for say 5 tests and finally when they are about to get dropped they'll somehow magically regain their form and hit a 100 or 50 ! and will continue to play !

I strongly believe the same thing will happen today, let's see.

Ishant Sharma

As I have written earlier he is a great find for India. I have been watching him regularly and I noticed that he uses a lot of curse words especially the F**K word.

I am not a big fan of sledging and cursing. Don't know why Ishant curses so much. He needs to concentrate and bowl the way he does and let the ball do the trick ! Peter Roebuck wrote a wonderful piece yesterday on Ishant. I hope someone reads it to him.

It is going to be a wonderful match today. I hope the weather cooperates. I hope YUVI strikes form.

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Vinesh said...

By the time I've read this, it's all over :-(