Friday, February 08, 2008

Swaraabhishekam song by Jo/Vidyu

Photo courtesy : India Glitz

I've been humming 'Adhineedhani-Edi Naadhani' the last few months from the time Jo played it in his Podcast.

Wonderful song. Shows Vidyasagar's talent and K.Vishwanath's taste. As you would expect SPB and Chitra had sung it so well.

Now, it is Jo's and Vidyu's turn to sing this song. Please listen and let them know your thoughts.

PS - Doesn't this song remind you of another great song 'Kaatrin Mozhi' from the film 'Mozhi'?

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Joe said...

Thanks for the link bro. :-)

Are these songs in the same Raaga? (Kaatrin Mozhi and Idi Naadani?)