Saturday, January 19, 2008

Perth Cricket test - My thoughts

Photo courtesy: Cricinfo India

Congratulations team India for winning the Perth test match.

It was a wonderful game of cricket. Again there were a couple of umpiring errors, but in the end, the better team won.

I am very happy for Ishant Sharma. I loved the way he bowled. Like Ian Chappel and team said during the game on TV, a McGrath in the making. By the way, looks like Ishant is a big fan of Glen McGrath ! I think he has a great future ahead and so does India if he continues to be in the team ( without Injuries ).

Going to Adelaide, It is going to be tough for the selectors. They have to drop Jaffer for his performance so far. Harbhajan has to come in too. But...who will be dropped to get Harbhajan ? Who will open the innings with Sehwag? Dravid again? No...No..!!

If I were the selectors: Drop Jaffer and Dhoni. Bring in Dinesh Karthik and Harbhajan ! Let's see.

PS - Its a shame that seniors have to get out bring young ones into the team. Ishant has to thank god for Zaheer's injury !

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Bharani said...

Yes, Karthik should play at Adelaide. He is too gud a player to miss out.

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