Monday, January 21, 2008

BSE loses 1408 Points - Whom are we kidding ?

Wow...finally the problems with the US Economy has reached the Indian stock markets. Amazing it might sound, considering the world we are living in today ! ( Indian villages know what toilet paper America uses on a day-to-day basis, thanks to those live TV channels and the Internet).

And yet - All of a sudden, the Indian stock market falls dramatically on the sub-prime meltdown here !

Whom are you guys kidding - I mean you, the big time brokers, FII's. Don't fool the public. You are playing all these games and you want us to believe that finally..I mean finally the world/India is catching up on the bad news in US.


Prem Abraham said...

NV - I wanted to leave a comment, but instead did a post. Please do take a peek.


Sundar Narayanan said...

on the one side there is the megalomania that feeds the "our stock market controls stock markets in europe, asia, the world over" and on the other side is the "we are proud to be linked directly to the US economy" !

this is a marriage made in capitlistic heaven that is bound to end up in a bitter divorce, sooner or later!


americala jaadhi malli illainnu wife romba varuththa paduvaa.. Ton kanakkula poo sutharaanga Sir!

Anonymous said...

Do you think only India market went down?
Around 36 country stock market went down big time with US market in this week.
Now its all Global economy.

To get out of US subprime problem. Fed has to cut the interest rate(so morgage rate will come down).
As the result of rate cut the dollar value will down.
Gold is going up because of week dollar.
Week dollar bad for US exporter. When US slow down(i wont say the 'R' word) most of the country also go down with it.
The fear of global slow down makes everybody panic.