Friday, January 04, 2008

Are women safe in India ?

I've been reading about the molestation incidents that happened a few days back in India.
Alarming and shameful.

You Tube has a lot of reports if you are interested.

Please look at these points

  • Women returning home from BPO murdered
  • TV actresses ( not actors ) commit suicide
  • Movie actresses ( not actors ) commit suicide
  • College girls kidnapped, murdered

How many criminals have been brought to justice?

What does this reveal ?
To me it's the unsafe conditions for women in India even in the 21st century. It is a shame.

Tell me please:

How many of you husbands / brothers / parents of daughters have faith in India's police?
How many of you have faith in India's Judicial system?
How many of you feel it's safe for women in India?


Anonymous said...

As if nothing happens in America..Summa irunga sir...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Anon - I didn't mention anything about America being great !

Sundar Narayanan said...

NV Sir, your blog is really getting famous.. looks like the Mumbai police commisioner is leaving anon comments on your site!


no place is safe for women. but that should not be an excuse for what happened in Mumbai!

Jeevan said...

No parents are prepared to leave freely there girl child, these incidents makes them more fear. strong act must be taken to control harsh habitation.

Anonymous said...

I ll tell you an incident happened here, some employees of an IT company had enjoyed some rave party in a farm house, men were boozing , gals were swimming in the pool with swimwear, some ppl have started involving in sexual activities. Suddenly the police comes in mid night, arrests all of them, files case against the men, and warns then releases the gals alone. Before arresting them the police had taken fotos of the gals with their cell fones. after some days the police has blackmailed those gals with the fotos.
Now say who is bad and who is worst, the ppl who molest gals or police who blackmail gals?
With such a kind of incidents do you expect us to believe in police? Our safety is in our hands, never trust others in India....

- A worried Indian citizen

Kishan said...

To answer your questions:

1) Yes, most of us don't have faith in Indian police. But coming to think about it, we cannot blame them for the entire failure. As long as the convicted are not bigshots, we can expect justice in India..

2) This is a complete joke just as it is in USA.

3) I think India is a safe place for women. Yes, we encounter molestations and rapes now and then but again, which country doesn't. I haven't been to many countries in my life, so I always end up comparing everything with USA. In this respect, I feel India is much safer. We rarerly see psychopaths, serial killers who kill and then rape women in our country. Excluding Delhi and mumbai...I think we r very safe..

Anonymous said...

Nowhere is it safe, for males or females.

I would think twice before leaving a son of mine alone with a male, just as much I would for a daughter. It's sad that millions of boys live with complexes due to incidences in their youth, but keep silent as it is expected of them to appear differently to the society.

Coming to the topic, is it not sad that the public at large is so cowardly? In most urban cities in western countries, these sort of perverts would at least fear public action. But here, that was missing.

I think the police should certainly give some sort of punishment that would place fear in the minds of these perverts. But the problem is, money speaks louder than justice. If not the police, I would even back a citizen who goes ahead and punishes these people.


Ravi said...

I second Kishan's views. India is definitely better when compared to US. Is it possible to walk alone say after 6 or 7 in most downtown places?

NV Sir, it unfair to adopt double standards. When it comes to India, you hit left and right but keep mum when similar incidents happen in US.

Suchin said...

Cultural Gap in India is yet to catch up with the reality. Lets keep blaming all involved in this incidence till the time will readjust itself filling up the gap.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would say the responsibility lies with the victim also to some extend. If you check the dressing and behaviour of the most victims, it is provoking. I live quite close to TGIF, Blr and happened to witness a similar incident. Couple of girls with the minimum possible dresses came out of TGIF and were walking towards the car past mid-night. The Tempo drives started teasing and physically abusing them. So, a part of responsibility lies with the victims and how they carry themselves.

Anonymous said...

No matter its India or US, this kind of incident should be stopped.
And its not ok that if it happens 4 or 5 times then its ok and common.
Each person should get angry on these issue and should rise there voice then and there. Be human


Narayanan Venkitu said...

I would condemn if wherever it happens. I am not saying America or any other country is better. Pardon me if it sounds like that.

Believe me , nobody is going to be convicted for this crime !

For those of you who talk about Dressing etc....please grow up!

Anonymous said...

I feel no body can do any thing.Do you think putting a rapiest in jail is enough?Take an strong action cut his that body part which makes him feel ashamed for the whole life and for all other people.Do not leave any culprit.

Anonymous said...

why u guys comparing with USA? Do we compare everything with US like our child mortality rate, standard of living etc etc etc? All u men and women just look at world from outside, what u find is men are still cave men mentality and just cant behave if they see a woman/girl/female whether she is naked or she is covered in burkha. They are better to be kept at zoos and woman should go there and visit them there!!

And ya on top of these cave men, we have 21st century rediscovery of religions happening, all religions wanna go back and follow what they assume is original. Well that original is never prowoman. So, all men need to be put in zoos!!

Anonymous said...

at present situations are being worst all over the world when it comes to safety towards women
the most important thing is women should me mentally strong
they should know how to defend them self when they are in dangerous situations
do not depend on others when you are in a problem ,do not wait for others help
be brave when you are walking alone or staying alone
please carry some safety tools with you every time like a small knife or pepper spray

manasvipatel said...

India is not at all safe for women. Being only 15, I am afraid to walk home alone at 4 in the evening from the school, afraid of being molested or rather kidnapped and murdered. There have been so many incidences that the women have now pratically given up on the police, maybe because even they are mixed with the molesters sometimes!

Also, there have been so many cases where their own fathers and uncles have raped their own daughters, if they can do such an act with their own daughters, what about those good looking girls who get onto the same bus as them on a lonely Sunday afternoon? How can we say that they will be spared?

The crime levels have been increasing drastically in India, especially rape and molestation cases. No girl in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Haryana are safe once outside their houses. Everyone is scared to send their daughters outside now.

According to me, India is not at all a safe place for women.