Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vijay Antony - Lifts Rihanna's - Unfaithful

Photo courtesy : Vijay Antony's Website

I like Music director Vijay Antony. He has given us quite a few hits in Tamil. The ones I like are 'Suppose Onna', and 'Nenjan koottil'. There are lots of fans for his 'Dailamo' song.

I was listening to his latest album 'Kadhalil Vizhundhen' this evening. When I played the song 'Unakkena Naan', kids ran to me and said 'Dad this is Rihanna's Unfaithful'. I was surprised.

They played it for me and Voila, it was indeed a direct Tamil remake.

The song is good no doubt but I doubt if Vijay would give the credit to Rihanna.

Here is Rihanna's song


Anonymous said...

ain't nobody even ever heard of yo ass

Ram said...

his latest song for a serial named "Kaadhalikka neramillai" in Vijai TV was also a gud

dikki said...

WOW..Thats one blatant lift from Rihanna...!!

dikki said...

Another f****ng lift .

Anonymous said...

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Harini said...


i'm singer megha, the one who has sung about 4 songs for vijay antony including a couple of songs in "kadhalil vizhundhen"...

this was my exact same reaction when vijay antony sir asked me to try the "unakena naan" song.... he knows more than anybody else that this is a lift from rihanna. but he had absolutely no choice. the director insisted that wanted the same song in tamil.

despite sir's attempts at a couple of compositions along the similar lines, the director wanted the exact same song. for this song alone, vijay antony sir does not claim to be the composer. it is under the name of the director himself.

Harini said...

i sing under the name megha...
my actual name is harini... just incase you're wondering :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ram - I haven't heard that song ...I'll check it out. VA is a very talented Music Director...I like his songs a lot

Dikki - In fact even 'Karpoora Nayagiye' is a lift from a Hindi song ..Aayare Chandamma raathu aayi ( pardon my Hindi ), but yeah it is copied !

Harini - Thanks for your thoughts. I understand the pressure the Directors give to the Music Directors. I'll check your songs too ! Congratulations and best wishes to you.

Shree - My email id - specialdosa at gmail dot com, I'll be happy to help you out. ARe you coming to the San Francisco Bay area? Please write to me.

Anonymous said...

the tamil actress acts in a surly way - directors pressure

The music director lifts - and people attribute that to directors pressure..

Narayanan Venkittu - you place ads in your blog site...and it puts the link pressure?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Anon - LOL :-)! No idea !

Vassan said...

" Kombula poovae " song from the movie virumaaNdi is a copycat of a Spanish (Mexican) Song !!

If I can track down the original, will post it here.

( i listen to Spanish songs on occasions)

karthika said...

video is very super.......

Villu stills,songs

Anonymous said...

but u know what? the composer for that song was not Vijay Antony!