Thursday, September 06, 2007

Audioblog - Request to start comedy club

This audioblog is to request all of you to encourage Tamil standup comedy.

If you don't have the time to listen, it's alright, please encourage comedy/humor wherever you are !

Whenever possible include standup comedy ( In social gatherings ). I am sure several in your group will enjoy doing it !

I am sure it will help us all - via - GOOD HEALTH.



Sumi said...

Yes,humor is very much essential in life.Your idea of starting the comedy club thru internet is wonderful.Good luck with that.

BTB Rajini's ''adi thadi style''nalla dhane irruku.adha ketta stress agumaa??illaye,jolly a dhana irrukku andha pattu.neenga Rajiniya romba ottuveengalo?I was just curious becos I am an alltime big fan of SS!!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ha..Ha...I realized it..after I posted the audioblog. That song is good no doubt...but....The way it is sung...that's what made me talk like that.


BTW - I like Rajini, but I haven't watched Sivaji yet...for just one reason - The tickets were a rip off.!! They charged 15-16 dollars per ticket..which is unheard of in the US. I had posted about it...when the movie released...!


Thanks for your thoughts!

BTW what is SS?

Sumi said...

SS stands for Super Star!!!

Yeah,even my friends were complaining about the high cost of Shivaji tickets.I was like its ok,its Rajini's movie,so go for it!!!That said,I didnt watch Shivaji still.Living in a small town it wasnt released here.But I will for sure the day I land in Chennai,cant wait though!!!

Jeevan said...

I totally agree with you friend. A humor that forget all our worries tension, and mind set free in the laugh should must. I like and watch more comedy programs in television, and also respect those make us laugh with their talent and energy.

Thanks for the decision of posting one audio blog for every 15 days. let's have fun!

News from Prasanna said...

Hope we will have more fun in the coming days. Thanks Sir.

Ranganathan said...

sir, always available


btw, i do have 'andraada comedy nigazhvugal' with my son shiva!!

pls let me know how to proceed by mailing

Dhana said...

you are cent percent correct!!!

without much of podcast in the net ... i download sekar and crazy mohan dramas (about 25) and hearing them repeatedly... ;(

hope i would find some comedy podcast at least here