Monday, August 27, 2007

Nimesulide - Banned !

I was shocked when Dr.N told me that Nimesulide is banned in several countries. How did Dr.A prescribe it for my child as a fever reducer? Didn't Dr.A know about the ban?

Well..that is the situation in India today. A lot of medicines that are banned worldwide are still available at your local pharmacy.

Click here for a list of some banned medicines

It's a shame that the Indian Government is turning a blind eye on these important issues.

Please pass on this message to everyone and the next time you visit your doctor please tell him to stop writing prescriptions for 'Nimesulide" and other banned medicines.


ബയാന്‍ said...

Dear Narayan:\

i have discussed same issue in my blog ( malayaLam language) and put link to your post. see here (

harvestmoon said...

our doctor here in Mexico has done the same thing. Luckilly, I researched the drug before giving it to my child. I'll be printing out the drug information for the doctor and letting him know for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Misinformation is being bandied about on net. For the record nimesulide has never been banned in any country. It has only recd restricted usage recommendation for kids below 12 years.

As a matter of fact the pharma companies that led a virulent attack on nimesulide in many countries like india, themselves market the product in other countries. complete information in