Thursday, July 05, 2007

Music and I

The things that have happened to me during the last 2 years since I started to blog are just phenomenal.

For someone with very little dreams and absolutely no training in any form of music , I feel that it is a blessing from God that I could interact with such great people in the Music world as Pradip Somasundaram, Kallara Gopan, Anil, Chinmayi and the entire Blogswara team.

When I went to India last year I met with all the musical greats that I have mentioned above thanks to JO. Here are some photographs :

With Kallara Gopan, Anil, Murali Ramanathan at a restaurant in Trivandrum


With Pradip Somasundaram at Pradip's home, Trissur


With Kallara Gopan and Jo, Trivandrum


With Chinmayi at her home, Chennai


Here is a wonderful song by Kallara Gopan and Chithra

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Rama Iyer said...

Blog is an absolutely wonderful medium.Through that, I have heard so many sparkling talents sing, compose ( your unnai parthadal., just amazing)etc. And meeting them all in person and hearing them should be wonderful indeed. It was absolutely out of this world to hear Mr. Pradip Somasundaran sing when he had joined us in one of our musical get togethers. Waiting to meet up with the others I hear on their blogs :)