Monday, July 02, 2007

KJ Yesudas, SPB, Chithra live in Hayward, California

Yesterday's concert by KJ Yesudas, SP Balasubramaniam, Chithra was a blast.

The concert was at Chabot College in Hayward California, an hour from where I live.

Though they started the concert late by an hour, it was a feast. This probably is the best concert that I've been to, in the last decade.

KJ Yesudas was wonderful ( He is 67 years old ), SPB was as amazing as ever and Chithra was superb.

I have to mention the other singer who accompanied them. Her name is Suchithra. She has an amazing voice and she sang really well. Like SPB said, she has a great future.

'Shyam Group' from Chennai did the orchestration and they were good.

The sound system was very nice and the crowd was fantastic ( Full House ).

List of Songs



Paadariyen CHI
Vovoru PookaLume CHI
Maha Ganapathim KJY
Amma enru azhaikkadha KJY
Vizhiye kadhai ezhudhu KJY
Poove Sempoove KJY
Kanne Kalaimaane KJY
Deivam Thandha Veedu KJY
Thenral Vandhu Ennai KJY CHI
Neepadhi Naanpaadhi KJY CHI
KaraLin akkare ( Mal) KJY
Kaatuk kuyilu KJY SPB
Irandu Kaigal Naankaanaal KJY SPB
Pramadha Vanam Vendum (Mal) KJY
Kalyana Then nila KJY CHI
Sangeetha Jadhi Mullai SPB
Guruvayoorappa SPB CHI
Anjali Anjali Pushpaanjali SPB CHI
Sundari Kannaal Oru SPB CHI
Kaadhalin Deepam Ondru SPB CHI
Devuda Devuda SPB
Ballelakkah SPB
Chinna Mani kuyile SPB
Aala pol Vela pol SPB CHI
Vannam konda vennilave SPB
Enn vuLLil engo SUC



Anonymous said...

Hi There, Glad to note about a great concert by three legends. One inquisitive question - did spb sing ballelakka anu-pallavi breathlessly? It was evident in tapes/CD that it was "punch"ed - so wondering, whether spb gave atleast 2 or 3 breath-points for that..

the specific area Iam asking you is the 22sec non-stop anu-pallavi:
"sadu gudu sadu gudu.... mei mei mei.." phrase..

Curious.. please clarify..

Anonymous said...

SPB sang Ballellaka in Toronto. The auditorium was full of applause in those fast lines.

The songs list is different from Toronto concert. I wish we had Chinnamani song:-( But I am glad to hear that it was a wonderful concert there too. Were you able to get some pics?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

anon-1 - Ballelakkah was the only song, which was loud, the crowd was dancing...couldn't hear anything clearly. I apologize.

anon-2 - I am sorry, they asked me to leave the camera outside the hall. Not sure why. I noticed several people using their cameras and camcorders! felt very bad.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Seems like you enjoyed. I wish I had been to see those 2 greats together especially the song from Thalpathi. KJ should have been great. Could not believe that he is 67 now. WOW! What a voice he has at this age? I know SPB must have done very well with those list. Great Singers and good you could go to such concerts.

Anonymous said...

Searching 'Yesudas' on Google videos will take you to a very good quality clip of Yesudas singing Kanne Kalaimane at the show, besides a smaller clip of SPB/Chitra performing "Sundhari Kannaal"


Anonymous said...

woww...yea 'the legends meet' i would describe it tht avatar of music on earth..the bass and trebble he has in his sound was marvelous.nearing to 70 years and still going on. previlege to have born in thr era...SPB and chitra was great as well on stage.

gavas said...

gavas said.
nathigal kuda jathiellamal swarangal paduthu this songs kjj and spb both are singing that song,
i want this song pls,anybody can help me immit send my email id