Friday, June 15, 2007

Sivaji - Media Lies!

Was reading IBN-LIVE this morning.

Here is a quote:
Tickets for the opening weekend were sold out in key markets like New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area, a week before the release.

( Please look for the title -Rajini's Sivaji mania grips US, under the image in the page)

I wanted to check this and
found that tickets are STILL available for this weekend.

So, what do you call this?


PS - I am waiting for the 8 -10$ tickets which I think will happen soon!


Anonymous said...


vishy said...

Media definitely lies.. but surprisingly the theaters here in Houston increased th enumber of shows.. the Tamil Manram here organised the first 2 shows and it was totally booked for both of them.. the theaters then started extra shows to make more mone.. and ofcourse.. the worst part was that the audio system was really bad and you had to yet pay 16 bucks for a ticket.

I do not thing the price is going to come down anyway. Especially after seeing the tkts being sold for the same price everywhere.

As for the film.. Shankar needs to come up with new story lines. Aracha mav aahyearikaran. If you are not a hard core rajni fan the film just get around 3 out of 5.