Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I feel very happy and proud to see my neighbors from Perungalathur do well.

Thanks to 'THE HINDU' for writing about them.


When we see such success stories, it is so heartwarming.


Balaji S Rajan said...


I am proud of them. We knew how they struggled. I could identify the old lady standing first, though I do not remember her name.

Great to know atleast one in their group has gone up to the level of graduation. Well done! I am really glad for them.

R R R said...

there is a street named after a Irular called Muthu., its muthitrulandi st in new perungalthur., fyi, this street was first in perungalathur to have concrete roads than any other.,these irulars were engaged in catching snakes in Standard Motors premises.,

good piece of info now in THE HINDU.,this is the street where i grew up.,

தமிழ். சரவணன் said...

the reason is corrupted politics..