Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life these days

Photo Courtesy: The Internet

Life is a little hectic these days !

சரோஜா, சாமான் நிக்காலோ!

  • New Job
  • 1 1/2 hour commute one way ( 70 Miles)
  • A lot of work
Gone are the days when I used to come back home around 6 PM. These days, I reach home around 8 PM. Infact today, I reached home at 9.30 PM !

I miss my friends at QRS / INOVIS, I miss my lunches at Vic's, Berkeley and above all I miss those wonderful views of the bay and those boats!

But I am settling down. Beginning to like my job, people around me and even my commute! Today, I had a surprise...I found a very nice South Indian Restaurant near work. Annapoorna Restaurant at San Mateo. This is one of the better South Indian style restaurants that I've been to. Food is a little expensive but the taste is good.

Today's lunch buffet had 'VADA KARI', which used to be my favorite dish while I was growing up. And....believe tasted exactly the used to taste! I complimented the Chef after I finished my lunch. Please try them out if you are in the San Mateo Area !


Chakra said...

Spending 3 hrs on travel each day would indeed be taxing. Hope you have a good time otherwise in the new job. Good luck to you!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Sorry to hear the distance you need to travel. But this is happening with everyone of us. I meant the change. At this age, we do not want too many changes. But when it is forced, we take some time to get used to the new one. We miss the old happenings, eats, friends, places, restaurants. What to do? We are also getting used to all these slowly isn't it? On reading your post I felt as if the post was written by me since I am also undergoing the same kind of stuff here. But you are going home. I am away from the family and kids and joining them back only during weekends. My tongue was dancing on knowing about your 'Vadakari' experience. I liked your way of appreciating the Chef. Very few people appreciate the man behind the scene. Keep it up. There is nothing that equals than appreciation. Well done! Keep it up!

Jo said...

Hey bro

Looks like the changes are happening everywhere! :-) I will be assigned to a new dept which I have no interest and no confidence too. Hmm... let's see how it goes...

Anyways, play some good music when you drive. I hope you will come up with some nice tunes, since it is the journey time that wakes up the musician in you. :-)

J said...

Good luck with your new job, Sir. LOL @ "Saroja ..". Vijay TV effect aa :-)

Munimma said...

Must be a tough commute! I whine about my 30 minutes/trip. But the bright side, rent some good audio books/music from the local library, and you won't feel the ride at all.

Vinesh said...

i know what it feels like to reach home at that hour! especially when you have eager folks waiting at home!

Rama Iyer said...

Sad about the distance you travel, but here in Bangalore though the distance may not be much, we get stuck due to the traffic snarls we have ensuring we reach home at uneartly hours ( that is by my standards).

And Vada Kari? wow...sadly we dont get that in hotels here. Have to prepare at home and eat :(