Thursday, May 31, 2007



I am a huge Ilayaraja fan. I firmly believe that IR is the best when it comes to melodies.

Today, while I was browsing the CD's of new movies in Hindi I noticed that Ilayaraja has scored the music for the Amitabh film CHEENI KUM.

I knew that there would be good songs and immediately bought the CD.

Wow !! Wow !!

IR has redone three of his old Tamil songs with some wonderful brand new orchestration.

1) Mandram vandha ( Mouna Raagam)

2) Kuzhal Oodhum Kannanukku ( Mella Thirandhadhu Kadhavu)

3) Vizhiyile en Vizhiyile (
Nooravadu Naal )

Please listen to the songs and enjoy the Maestro's music.


Aravind said...

Listened to it and nostalgia kicked in!! Already listened to the original "viziyilae" 3 times today. However, the original orchestration is much more rich and creative. Though the current song comes 23+ years later, the orchestration is dominated by electonic beats and a stale rhythym.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Aravind - Yeah, I agree with you about the songs.

Anonymous said...

Best in this album is the Theme Melody with the sax.. IR stands out to show that he is the melody king. He could've done better with the other songs. Lyrics seems to have gel-ed well.. Definitely a break in hindi. Hope to see more from him.

vishy said...

I listened to this album after reading this post.. I really wonder what is wrong with IR... He has composed atleast 3 or 4 albums in Hindi recently some for Ram Gopal verma. I see that he has rather added some extra beat to his older tunes and used them in all the albums. Has he run out of tunes or does he not want to compose anymore in Hindi.

I also realised that sometimes he breaks up a sentece in the lyrics at an odd point... probably bcoz he interprets the tamil meaing for the lyric in his mind when he composes.. this is more evident in Cheeni Kam at many places.. and ofcourse I felt the lyrics r not good at some points and u realise its been tailored to the tune.

Jayan said...

I disagree. IR, to me, to have done a mediocre job with Cheeni Kum. I was disappointed after eagerly clicking on the Raaga link. 'Kum Kum' (Mandram Vandha) could have used better instrumentation, I felt.