Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hariharan concert - Photos

It was a fantastic evening. The hall was full and Padmashri Hariharan as expected, mesmerized the audience with his silky voice.

Most of the songs were in Hindi. He sang a few Tamil songs ( Ennai Thaalatta, Nila kaigirathu, Uyire, Pachai Nirame). 'Krishna Ne begene' was a blast ! He also sang one Telugu song ( Kurukku siruthavale from Mudhalvan). His latest from 'Guru' got a thunderous applause.

After the concert, Hariharan was kind enough to spend some time with the audience. I took some pictures and also got his autograph on my 'Lahore Ke Rang' CD.

Here are some photos that I managed to take:




Kiranz..!! said... pics Narayanji.Wondering bout the black colour at his beard..:).Great to hear that he dominates the shows always..!

Jeevan said...

Its Great!!

Balaji S Rajan said...

Looks like you had a nice time.

Arvind Ramachandran said...

Great! Pl. let me know if he is doin any such concert in the UK . I saw the video in ur post earlier abt Hariharan's - poongatre konjam unmai solla varuvaya..and was wondering which film it was and later forgot abt that..and I saw 'friends' movie yesterday in SUN TV and it immediatly struck to me that i heard this song thru ur blog. Thanks a lot for letting me know this wonderful song !

Meera Manohar said...

Yeah, I missed it big time!! But then, glad to see that it was good-- seems like U & Uma enjoyed it tons

bhooma said...

Hi Narayanan...
i was the one sitting next to your was indeed a gr8 concert...

kuttichuvaru said...

nice.... must hav been a gr8 experience..... Hariharan rocks!!

on a different note, to me, in the pics, he looks very much sleep deprived :-)

Vassan said...


I just got back home after attending Hari's concert, here in Albuquerque, NM.

A poorly organized concert. We do not have a large Indian population here. Less than 200 showed up.

He sang all the Tamil songs you have mentioned above. !! Same goes for Telugu & Kannada. We left 30 mts early as my Son couldn't stand it anymore .

I enjoy reading your blog on occasions. Thanks.