Saturday, February 17, 2007

PKMC - Worth watching

I Watched Pachaikili Muthucharam this evening at IMC6 San Jose with my family. My younger one got scared after the interval and we had to let her sit out.

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. The first few minutes drag a little but soon the turnarounds happen and the movie becomes gripping.

A big letdown were the songs. Nothing stayed in my mind..not a! What's happening to you Mr.HJ?

I could see my older one biting her nails off in the second half. Looks like actress Jayshree has dubbed for Jyothika. She was also in the theater with her family and friends.

Jyothika and Sarathkumar have done a good job. Andrea, the other heroine is ok. Gautham Menon shines in his story telling style. Cinematography is good.

Glad to see directors like Gautham Menon in Tamil.


prabukarthik said...

Wow! seems another good one from Gautham. Sathame illama gautham has delivered onl hits till date. cent percent record!

Kandippa padam parkanum!

btw i loved "Un siripinil" number. Especially Rafi's voice!!

News from Prasanna said...

Good movie. Yday watched with family. initial part was boring like manirathnam movie. later once the twist started the movie was at its pace. good one from gowtham

Anand Prabhu said...

saw the movie in NJ... pretty okish.. first half was a drag... second half was pretty neat.. should have shortened the moive a lil bit..

Jeevan said...

Gautham Menon is making very nice film. Let me give some time to this movie.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it. But I wish Mr. Menon had given some credit where it deserved on the title cards. The film is an indianized version of derailed.

First, Rajiv Menon had the spunk(?) to basically copy Sense and Sensibility and pass it off as inspired. How is something inspired, if 75% of the screenplay is the same. Now Gautam Menon...with all the globalizing, I wonder if our directors are not worried at being caught in their webs.


P.S. Gonna miss Jo.

Poornima said...

NV Sir, I didnot watch 'PKMC'. But heard the story line from a friend. I feel that the movie resembles a recent Hindi movie called 'Zeher'. Also heard that it is an Indianised version of an English movie called 'Derailed'

To be frank, I am not so glad to see Tamil directors who adopt story lines (and sometimes scenes) from non-Tamil movies and then, claim it to be their own creativity.