Monday, January 22, 2007

Show me the money !

பணம் வந்திட பத்தும் பறந்து போம் !

கேள்விகள் பல இருப்பினும், ஐயா முதலமைச்சரே..உமது ராஜதந்திரத்தை வெல்ல, யாரால் முடியும்?

Photo Courtesy: The Hindu


Anonymous said...

hahaha....good one! :D

Anonymous said...

இதுதான்யா பகுத்தறிவு!

Anonymous said...

NV Sir,
Naan ninachen neenga ezhuthitinga.
For sure MK is a Chanakyar;
Chakra, so true. Did DK leader KV comment on this?

Anonymous said...

I too was suprised seeing a pic of Karunanidhi's wife taking Sai's blessing and all while he looked on. First thought in my mind was, preach no god exist, but make sure wife prays for forgiveness:-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah too many questions. Good things happened in the name of SSB - so CM felicitates SSB - OK. But why should SSB materialize golden ring for Mr Maaran and Mr Durai Murugan? (Why not to some of the under previleged masses?) Why he needs to visit CM at his house?
Vilangalaye ayya, Ungalukku vilangichaa?

prabukarthik said...

ahaa enna dhu idhu
adasiya comment potta anon rombo kelvi kekkaraar...

periyar vazhila vandhavanga ipdi panradhu ellam jagajam appa!

Munimma said...

Caption: The Pretenders!