Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good Bye's

Good Bye

Off-spinner Irfan Pathan
Senior Sachin (Try your luck with commentary) and thanks for the motivation factor blah..blah..blah !
Raina You have time
Harbhajan Try your luck with Bhajans

What a waste!


Jagan said...

neengalum match paathu rombha feel pannengalaa ? one billion other ppl were irritated by the indian team performance .

ranganathan said...

i do not agree with your point on harbhajan...he really bowled well in these matches...

somehow, i am surprised on Raina's performance as i thought sometime b4 that he is a 'potential' captaincy material.

the irony is sehwag bowling well (supposed to bat well) and pathan batting nicely (supposed to bowl well).... it diversity in unity?

to be precise, they are 'men in blue'!!!!!!

Sriks said...

so your hate for Sachin grows even after scoring 500 runs in last 10 games he played [go figure] . once again the Indian team failed to win when he banged some good runs, eg: come back 100 in Malaysia
While Dravid to Viru has scored less than 150 in their 10 last games, you keep cribbing Sachin. Dravid is a pathetic captain and we have a worthless coach, problem lies in the team composition , not Sachin.

Also you seem to forget the past very quickly, you were the person screaming out loud that we need youngsters – fire oldies etc, now you are writing off Raina, Irfan etc. so what happened to your young blood logics? :)

Btw: Harbajan was at this best. :) Are u serious about Harbajan? Check this bowling.

ennatha solla 

Bala (Karthik) said...

Good point