Saturday, July 08, 2006

Power Cuts in New Delhi

NEW DELHI, The capital of India, The seat of the Biggest Democracy in the world, Second only to China in Population and competing to beat China soon.

History talks very high about New Delhi, but let's put history aside and come to reality.

This afternoon, I was watching the HEADLINE NEWS channel that I get LIVE from India. I was shocked to see a report on the power cuts in New Delhi.

It is shameful to see such things happening in the Capital of India which is the face of India to the world.

To add to the shock,
I read this report that made me think.

Who is making the money? Who is paying the tax? Where is it all going?


Adaengappa !! said...

...Definitely,there wont be any powercuts along race course road, and 10,Janpath.So who cares ?

pity state of affairs !

Jeevan said...

they should focus on this, before 2010 Common Wealth Games.

BlueByrd said...

Middle Class Robbed in broad daylight....Tax payers money is what makes politicians richer each passing day ! We make them richer all the time ! We pay taxes in good faith....they are there to loot it all and say a big thank you "Suckers" !

sudarshan said...

No coorelation between 12th richest and power loss. Power loss is totally an engineering failure...
It is well known that in India transmission losses are 30-40% of generated power

I did not say this... google "transmission loss in India" and you will find the numbers validated by numerous scientists. Instead of fixing that, we sign nuclear deals, setup more coal plants etc.

Also, even though India is "claimed" to be the 12th richest (i don't beleive world bank), we have 40% below poverty line. Unless that number comes down to 8-10%, we are not really rich and please don't get carried away by such sensational reporting.