Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bombay Flooded again - What a shame

Bombay Rains

(Photo Courtesy - The Internet)

It happens every year and it's becoming worser as well. Where is all the money going? India's financial capital is drowing in rains again in 2006. What a shame.!

Here is a link on
Mumbaikar's Ideas.

My humble opinion - We need a revolution in India.

Who will bell the Cat(s)


Jeevan said...

already they have experieanced a flood last year, even though they dint realize it till now.

Anand Prabhu said...

so sad to know... :(

mitr_bayarea said...

Narayanan Sir-

Its a shame that this is happening to Mumbai pretty much every year. With the kind of wealth and prosperity that Mumbaites enjoy, this is a yearly hazard that they face.

BlueByrd said...

If the Authorities failed to wake up this time....Don't be too surprised if you can't see Mumbai on the map anymore ya'all !

But again....The Worlds spinnin on its tribulation phase...Mother natures only gonna tighten the noose each time....Believe IT !

Syam said...

sometimes no one could help if the mother nature is really agressive...aanaana patta America ve Katrina vandhappa aadi pochu....

Vinesh said...

wait until u see bangalore this monsoon :-(

keerthi said...

Who Will Bell The Cats ?

Time !

V N said...

its not just bombay.. its pretty much the same all over. we frequently have floating cars in trivandrum, with the onslaught of the monsoon.


Prasanna said...

Chennai too was in the same state last year when the rains occured. Gues its the entire country which needs to be revolutionised

Jo said...

Every major city in India is just like this. Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin etc. I wonder what is role of town planners in this country!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

JO - I read a report that The COLABA areas which were developed by the British are doing fine.!
Prasanna - Let's hope Chennai remains ok this monsoon - ( But I doubt it - God Bless Chennai)
Velu - Hmm...shame isn't it !
Keerthi - Let's hope so.
Vinish - Bangalore too? hmm..didn't know that
syam - I know your are a devoted Desi !! But..this has been happenening not now..! For several years now. It has worsened now..do to spurts of Developments and poor Drainage and improper planning
BB - I agree about Mother Nature. My question - unplanned growth, Politicians swidling money etc.
Mitr - yeah I agree.
AP - Yeah, its India's financial capital
Jeevan - I hope it isn't as bad as last year.! Let's pray

Anonymous said...

what kind of revolution?

- armed or unarmed?

jus curious why I don't see a reference in your blog about the slum demolitions in Mumbai which affected more people than the tsunami...

is it because the rains affected the middle class and the slums affected the poor who we are ashamed about

Anonymous said...

I am the same anon as the last one...

How come you were not ashamed of the people in Orissa


kernelpanic said...

NV -

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