Thursday, June 15, 2006


It's been a while since I introduced someone in the Blogworld to you.
I am glad JO is doing that regularly.

I couldn't resist writing about this amazing group today. Someone left a comment in my blog yesterday and that's how I came to know about them.

Please visit their Blog and listen to their songs. You'll be spellbound.


Shyam, Praveen & guys are awesome


TSJ STUDIO said...

Hello Nv sir
this is praveen... thanks alot for introducing us here :)
We are Very happy sir thanks alot for ur help


Syam said...

I stepped in to hear their songs, those songs are too gud, hats up guys...

Vinesh said...

Hello Narayanan Sir, how are you doing? Been long time :-)

Jo said...

Yeah! They are awesome!! Thank you for introducing these amazing talents to us.

gumbals said...

I'm kinda hooked on to some of their songs now - quite a catch!