Sunday, June 18, 2006

AR Rahman's Interview


Photo Courtesy: THE HINDU
India is so rich in culture and it has so much to give to the world - ethics, music, fashion... The rest of the world has been clouded by the American dream. But now we can give to America. That is very interesting. I am waiting for the day when we get an Oscar, Grammy... all simultaneously. The day is not far away.

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krk said...

"That is very interesting. I am waiting for the day when we get an Oscar, Grammy... all simultaneously. The day is not far away."- ARR

Very impressive...
Thanks for sharing this info...

Aravind said...

very nice interview sir...
thanx for sharing:)

Raju said...

I think we should get rid of the obsession for 'Oscar awards', which are exclusively for American movies.. Unfortunately, our National awards have become little corrupt recently.. Indian cinema and Hollywood are so different that there is no need for comparison at all..

Syam said...

Hope to see that day soon...along with the exchange rate $1 = Rs 0.50 :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

interesting :)

thanx for sharing it NV Sir!!

Raji said...

That was a good read.

I bloghopped from Shankari's blog.

Glad to have found yet another native of Tirunelveli. I come from there too.

Jo said...

A Grammy - Perhaps he can do something about it. :-)

Vinesh said...

Hmm.. I am forced to think about Kamal Haasan's thoughts on Oscar Awards...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks all of you for your comments

Vinesh - Yeah, I've heard him say this
JO - Let's hope so !
Raji - Thanks for stoppinig by ! Good to know about another TNVlian.
Kuttichuvaru - Thank you
Syam - Adhu vendaamae.!! I mean the exchange
Raju - I was reading about how the West is getting addicted to Indian music! IMHO, would be great if we get a Grammy/Oscar. Will be a booster shot for our Industry.

Sad to see corruption in the awards in India! I thought it was always there. What do you say about 'Sivaji Ganesan' not getting a National Award?? and Amitabh getting it??
Arvind - Thank you
Krk - Let's hope so!

Sriram V Iyer said...

hello sir!

check out this track by srivi - tune.MID

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awaiting your feedback.


Naren said...

Read this article,"ethereal quality to A. R. Rahman that you can experience by just being around him"

Source : LittleIndia.

pmkthegr8 said...

in earlier times arr, deva, yuvan everybody copied some tunes of dr.alban frm his album "one love" .why the great composers are doing like this is a puzzle