Saturday, May 27, 2006

Words of Wisdom from Mr.Ratan Tata

Excerpts from an article in THE HINDU

  • Corruption is rife, we will not submit ourselves to corruption.
  • 2000$ passenger car for the Asian Market.
  • Free phone number to call a Tata Call Center via fibre-optic cables owned by Tata.

The Call center will use

  • Tata-designed Software.
  • Tata-educated graduate taking order for a Tata car.

    Amazing Sir, I salute you

Mr. Ratan Tata

Here is the punch line

Asked whether any jobs are left for the people in the west, he said "Skilled people in the UK and the US might find it worthwhile to relocate in India."


Jo said...

Tata seem to have brighter visions about India than the other corporate Indians.

And if he truly cares about India (and not only the opprtunities that the new India bring to his business), he has to look into reforming the villages etc.

But anyways, still he is better than the rest.

REFLEX said...

Thats TATA. Neighbours envy, Owners pride :).

ashok said...

loved the punch line...

krk said...

Hello Mr. Vinut- I just came down to thank you and your team behind the song...valvu selikka-varam tha song released by blogswara...

This song has just mesmerized me...I started listenting to 11 pm and now the time is 00:00, just wonderfull. For a person like me, who is away from the home land...such a song is really a moral boost...and your lyrics were so powerfull....

raja rajamani said...

There is always this tendency to underestimate the dominant West.

Where can we start? Napoleon, Hitler, Brezhnev?

No doubt, Japan, Korea, China, or now India, have a chance to shine! Let us not brag that this will be at the expense of another culture.

Modesty, and achievements, speak louder than all the jingoism.

I admire Ratan. But in this case, he should have said, 'Let us focus our eyes to the grind and grind like hell.. for we have one helluva mess to get out of .. we have more issues dividing us than the amoeba under your microscope'

Let us also look for one bragger from China ... HuJinTao anyone?

raja rajamani

Sriram V Iyer said...

For the first time in Life, I met Ratan Tata here at Chennai.
He was here at Great Lakes last month. He's the Chairman of
our Global Business Advisory Council at Great Lakes.
He is really dynamic but unassuming and simple too.
You can see more at

Hey, how do I join the artists at Blogswara.
I guess I should start by contributing a track first?
Please enlighten me on this ;-)

Ram Viswanathan said...

I agree with Raja Rajamani..

I too salute Ratan Tata for being a dominant corporate force in India.

However, I feel the statement attributed to him is cocky and unwarranted. India has a long way to go.. one trip to China is all that is required to temper the statement.

Also, I am sure Ratan Tata knows this..

Jayan said...

Hmm, knew that you would be one of the first few to hit upom Blogswara :)

Ganesh Venkittu said...

Recently, the Wall Street Journal, had an article about Toyota Yaris. The article's focus was -- americans have an huge appetite for bigger cars, that to downsize is a big deal for them. Forces at work are

1) Longer distance commutes -- small car takes a toll on the body for people who put 100K miles a year.

2) The suburbans and Tahoes being so big, one hit from them is bound to kill anybody, so a small car is no match.

3) Americans love music, Beethoven, Mozart you name it....and these cars make a lot of noise...they dont have good noise shields...

and many more...

Anyway, the article compared Honda Fit, Kia etc., It focused on future of Diesels as well....

It did not write about Tata.

Let us come to Tata. My question is -- it is priced at $2000 but with what features? just four doors? will it have crumple zones? euro compliant A/C? how about collapsible steering column? how about TCS ( thats not their consultancy arm )or traction control system? how about air bags and how many? What is the dry laden weight, the one measure that stands out for analyzing the chances of survival in a collision?

Is Tata saying -- I dont care about the cost of the most important thing -- Cost of life?


PS: I dont like marutis either (I dented a 800 one time when I collided on it with my Raleigh bicycle). Or for that matter the civics and the camrys that are in India selling twice the price in the US market.

The only vehicle that I liked was the Tata had many safety features, which is where my money would go....not comfort, not looks....

Raman said...

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