Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tamil Nadu Politics - Is it the Worst in the Nation

One the one hand we talk about the IT boom and all the Multi-National companies that are setting shop in Tamil Nadu. On the other hand look at this shameful election politics.

Does TN have a budget surplus to handle this. Isn't there anyone to ask these parties/politicians..how they plan to fund all this. Whose money do they plan to spend for these stupid schemes?

I think the Central Govt. should take these things seriously and come up with a new law to stop these atrocities.

Why do these parties go to these levels? Is it to serve the people. God!. Comeon people of TN ..wake up...the state is being robbed.

These are the freebies so far:

  • 2 Per Kg. Rice, Free Television ( For the poor!)
  • Waiver of loans for farmers
  • 2 acres of land to the landless poor
  • Kerosene at subsidised rates
  • LPG stoves to families of poor
  • Allowance for educated employed youth till they get employment

  • 10 Kg of rice free of cost fo all Ration card holders
  • 4 Grams of Gold for marriage of poor girls
  • Waiver of loans for farmers
  • Might announce free Kerosene to rural folks

  • 15 kg of rice free of cost
  • Rs.500 to the poor families every month for purchase of groceries
  • Supply the ration goods at the doorsteps of the card holders


Anand Prabhu said...

NV sir.. enga kedachuthu intha info ellam... paakave romba kavalaiyaa irukku.. hopefully everyone understand that these are just to lure ppl to vote.. kadavula.. enaga oora kaapathupaa...

ada-paavi!!!! said...

saar naangal sollarathu onnu, seiyarathu onnu!!! makkal nanga sollaratha kettu emandu vote poduvanga, naanga idu ellam fulfil panna mattom!! so idu not bad, idu entertainment for ppl like us dhaan :)

Jeevan said...

Uzhaichathaan ellorukkum sooru, summa ukkanthaan sooru podraathu yarrru.

Jo said...

Too bad! Offering such things and nothing happens on ground is such a bad situation.

ioiio said...

well.. idha sun tvla paarthuttu dhaan.. I came back to write.. kashtakaalam

Anonymous said...

Delivery costs will be high:-)


Lumbergh-in-training said...

Oor thengaya eduthu vazhi pillayarukku odaikkara mathiri irukku!!

Ganesh said...

NV Sir

OOsiyila alli kodukaravaraikkum atha kettu nambaravanga irukavarikkum indha madhiri dhaan irukkum.

Annallum indha murai rombave over.
Nobody mentions about progress and development but cheap ways to entice voters and thereby directly insulting the intelligence of common man.

Jayan said...

I think it is more of a knee-jerk reaction from JJ ! She just does not want to miss out on the 'October Suprise' factor whereby MuKa's demagoguery rules int the week preceeding the election !

Raju said...

back with a bang.. aatchikku vandhaa ellathaiyum niraivethava poranga?

Ram Viswanathan said...


In the poll arithmatic.. freebies seem to matter.. there is general impression that MK's freebies have resonated with the public.. and this might get him back to power..

The irony in all this is that.. the tax paying middleclass will fund all these freebies but are not eligible for any of these.. On the other hand.. all they want is good governance and infrastructure.. which is not in the radar screen for any political party..

BlueByrd said...

Ooraamvootu neeyeh yen pondaate kaiyeh kadhai dhaan saar !

They rob tax payers money for it all...We bust our rear ends and they take away the lion's share....Yellathayum pidungiduvaanugo...uyir minjina podhum nu aagum pola irukku saar !! Anyaayam Akramam, Atoozhiyathukku alavey illama pochu vara vara.....who can stop them ???? poonaikku manikatuvaar yaaro avar yengey irukindraaro !

May all the dirty politicians rot in hell !!!

Krishna said...

Niruthanam...ellathayum Niruthanam...really sorry state of affairs...onnum solrathukku illa sir..literates Vote panna Maatendranga...plus sample set ippadi irukku...enna panradhu

Prabu Karthik said...

This, as a tactic was pioneered by JJ in a move to augment her support after the 2004 parliamantary debacle.

free cycle, lotsa help to women's SHG etc.

Mk decided he too will join the race.

ippo latesta free PC varaikum poi irukku...

and another thing. middle class dont deserve any sympathy.

idhu ellam ivlo dhooram kettu ponadhukku ithanai naal avanga vote podama irundhadhu dhaan karanam...

Schrodingers cat said...


you left out the free hybrid cows promised by the captain for all the families.