Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Prasant Radhakrishnan - Divine Saxaphone

On Friday May-19-2006, I got a mail from Prasant Radhakrishnan. He had invited me to attend his concert with his troupe Carnatic-Jazz group 'Vidya' at The Himalayan Fair that is held every year at Berkeley, California.

I felt honored to be invited by Prasant, who is the Sishya of my favorite Sri. Kadri Gopalnath.

So, I went that afternoon and boy was it a blessing! Anything more divine would be the Goddess Saraswathi herself playing the Veena. From the time he started to play, it was a feast to my ears.

The open air freshness, Berkeley atmosphere, the music..God.!! I was in heaven for 45 minutes.

The Drummer ( missed his name) , Bass Fiddle player David, Violinist Gautham and Prasanth mesmerized the audience.

I bought a couple of his CD’s and am enjoying them in my car. Please visit
Prasant's Website, listen and encourage him by buying his CD’s. He has some very good links in his website. Please check them out.

Here are some pictures. Thanks Prasant for posing for a photo for/with me.

Prasant and I Drummer and David

Prasant David in Heaven

Gautham Prasant and David


Kaps said...

I have heard his music before (used in Desi Dilemmas podcast) and also mentioned his site in my comment regarding your post on Manikanth Kadri. I'm sure he is going to go places.

Prasanna said...

looks like u had a great time listening to the concert. I have been a great fan of Kadri. His works in duet was amazing.

Anand Prabhu said...

thats cool... nalla enjoy panuneenga pola irukku :) will check out his website... thanks for the link...