Thursday, May 25, 2006

Democracy - Definition

Democracy - Definition from

  • Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.
  • A political or social unit that has such a government.
  • The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.
  • Majority rule.
  • The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.

Now please read what the Honble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu said today about Democracy


பேரவையில் முதல் நாளான இன்றே அதிமுகவினர் கோஷம்போட்டு வெளிநடப்பு செய்ததைப் பற்றி?


ஜனநாயகத்தில் இதெல்லாம் அனுமதிக்கப்படக் கூடியவைதானே!


Ghost Particle said...

oh god...somehow its not suprising.

Anonymous said...

ஏட்டுச் சுரக்காய் கூட்டுக்கு உதவாது.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

anon - Yeah..
GP - Yeah..did you read what happened today?

Anonymous said...

hi mr venkitu, i'm barani's appa. pl bear with for being selfish to start my comments on your splendid lyrics of ' unnai partha.....'. the flow of your lyrics on a lover viewed from distance, closeness and aspiratons on future is superb....kudos pl keep posting good poems like this. mudalil barani's paadalil kavidai teriya villai. piragu ungal kavidayil avan paadal ketkavillai....kannan